About the Center

The Center for Mindfulness and Consciousness Studies is housed within the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health. Additional sponsorship is provided by the School of Medicine (Center for Integrative Medicine), the School of Health and Rehabilitation Science, the School of Education, the Falk School, and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences (Department of Religious Studies, the Writing Program within the Department of English and Department of Psychology). The Center is also a member of the Mindfulness In Education Network.

Our Goals:

The goals of the Mindfulness Center are synergistic with the University’s mission of promoting research, education, and service/clinical practice.


  • Produce a high standard of interdisciplinary research regarding topics related to mindfulness and consciousness studies
  • Develop collaborative networks for exploring research in mindfulness


  • Develop and foster interdisciplinary, non-sectarian mindfulness-based strategies for teaching and learning
  • Support mindfulness-based curricular development in departments and schools at the University of Pittsburgh and in the larger educational community
  • Assess and disseminate career-oriented applications of mindfulness for professional students, faculty and staff

     Service/Clinical Practice:

  • Promote and expand existing programs for well-being through mindfulness among University students, staff, faculty, and the larger Pittsburgh community
  • Serve as a hub for linking diverse mindfulness activities with interested members of the community
  • Generate synergy and promote best practices for mindfulness among existing but disparate clinical and social health and wellness initiatives throughout the University
Contact Us:

The Center for Mindfulness and Consciousness Studies
University of Pittsburgh
P.O. Box 7319
Pittsburgh PA 15213
Telephone: 412.383.3000
Fax: 412.383.1513